My outfit for the day :)

My outfit for today 🙂 bit girly with a little black dress and a oversized grey cardigan 🙂 favourite kind of outfit.
And I have my head band on that I made.

Today I’m having a relaxed day at my mom and dads place. It’s been so nice



Made a silk skirt, monochrome print :)

I made a silk skirt in class yesterday 🙂
We learnt about how to make a split.
I love this monochrome print of roses 🙂
It’s 100% silk and it’s so soft 🙂


Park and Coffee date with Mom

I went and explored Newtown/Marrickville last Monday with my Mom.

It was such a lovely day

We went to the cafe West Juliett and the park.
Before that we had lunch at Thai Pothong ^^

It was so good

This is a fresh juice I had at west juliett. They had really unique and awesome mixes. This one was apple pineapple mint… And something… Something awesome that went really well with the above. Lol

I also had a heal tea. It had lemongrass and fennel seed ^^

This was my fashion for the day.
The long pencil skirt Anna gave me, the strapless white top from doll house in newtown and my moms cardigan.

My mom has the best fashion ! And she lends me the best things 🙂



Happy Lab – My Star Choco

I went to happy lab the other day in Westfield ! It was so cute 🙂 all the packaging for the Choco is so good, with the test tube jelly beans and chocolates on spoons
So simple yet so eye catching and adorable !
It’s so colourful and happy in there, you can’t help but smile. I’m a kid in a candy store again ! Except the candy store is kind of expensive and a bit fancy haha

I bought a Star Choco with star freckles on a stick ! It was so yummy:)
Freckle chocolates are the best, and star freckles… Even better ^^







Scarpbooking: lover the label

This year, for my fashion course, I am researching the label lover in order to come up with a range for my final parade.
I can’t wait to do my final parade !
It would be a dream to see my things worn on the catwalk! Even if it is just for school.

I’m so excited to design and make !^^


Yesterday with Anna:)

Yesterday with Anna we went to lentil as anything for the first time 🙂 as one of the dishes that I ate was called, it was amaze balls !
So good ! I’ve been hearing though that they are not doing very well, that they are not getting to cover their costs, so I paid the recommended price.

Before lentils I had a coffee at this cafe in enmore that has all the bboy hats I love and also coffee 🙂 was so interesting !
The soy mocha there was really good.

This was my outfit for the night ^^