Sadhana – Vegan life

Lately, I love going to vegan restaurants / healthy restaurants and trying their amazing creations, though I am not vegan myself.
Yesterday me and my friend visited Sadhana Kitchen for breakfast to try their Not-tella crepes… It was so amazing ! Most beautiful thing I’ve ever tasted. The berries were refreshing with the coyo yoghurt but the winner was the Not-tella, which was the round ball that was delicately placed on top of the crepes… If there was a liter jar of that I would buy it.
Can’t believe it. After trying vegan sweets that are so delicious I don’t ever feel the need to eat overly sugary desserts as, it might taste good, but that come down from the sugar high.. You don’t get sugar high from vegan treats! It just tastes as amazing or better but it does not make you feel oily or sugar high.. Just pure bliss! I just need my vegan treats, chocolate… And I’m a happy girl.  



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