Frangelico Strawberry Dreamshake

Ever since I had the amaretto infused strawberry milkshake at TGIF, it’s been my absolute favourite drink. Yesterday, after work, I thought right, I’m going to treat myself big time. What better way than to make a decadent version of my favourite drink (I’m going to go all out with the whip cream)
I went to Coles, got my whip cream, a liquor store to get a tiny bottle of frangelico (they didn’t have the tiny bottle of amaretto), and then to movenpick for my dreamy strawberry milkshake.
Once I got home I made this blissful creation. It’s so pink and cute and it tastes like alcoholic strawberry mousse ! It’s amazing.
I’m glad the girl at the counter suggested frangelico, it absolutely fills the job<3 But next time I’m going to get myself that amaretto ! Though I am in love with both ❤
Best after work treat ever ! I’m in 7th heaven.



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