Like a Japanese Barbie

Japanese Barbie

This is a very popular dress up doll in Japan. Her name is Licca, or Licca-chan. Their fashion is very intricate, i feel. I can take legitimate inspirations from some of Licca’s dress sense. It will be strange to say Licca is my fashion idol…but I can !
I bought these recently after having a sudden urge to buy them after reminiscing about playing with them in my childhood (I no longer had the ones I used to play with when I was little).

The link below shows a revolving photo gallery of quite a few Licca-chans! (I feel that the dolls get cuter as you progress to the right)



2 thoughts on “Like a Japanese Barbie

  1. Have you been to the licca chan house in Fuji Q? I don’t know if it’s still there but it’s so cute inside. Sonia to isshoni haitta haha

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