Angel cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes

Made cupcakes with my room mate Jessie ! Danced to Ricky Martin as we baked and made these for our other roommates!
The angel cakes were the winner tho. We scooped out a bit of the vanilla cupcake and filled it with strawberry jam and topped it with whip cream: ) We were meant to make wings out of the scooped out cake but we just ate it : ) I might have one now with a cup of tea.. ahh a way to enjoy a rainy Saturday


エンジェルカップケーキと言ってバニラカップケーキをベースにして、焼いた後にそのカップケーキの真ん中を少し空けてストロベリージャムを入れます。そのあとにホイップクリームを上に被せます!イギリスのアフタヌーンティーに出るスコーンとクリーム&ジャムみたいなカップケーキでした!おいしい〜( #´ ▽ `# )ノ





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